Weekend BBQ
By using any of the Cherry Pepper Jelly or Chutney, any of your BBQ meats turn into a spicy, but, tangy richness.
Cook meats as usual! Then, 3-5 minutes before removing from the grill, add your glaze(jelly)! Watch carefully, it may burn!

BBQ and serve this super HEALTHY salad!

​• Sweet and Tangy Spinach Salad
• Add Cherry Pepper Jelly to any vinaigrette. Makes a wonderful dressing tossed in a
• spinach salad, feta cheese and Bosc pears. Toss lightly. How about fresh cherries!
"3 jellies & 3 cheeses

Cover PEPPER JELLY or CHUTNEY over meatballs or Little Smokies in a crockpot. Warm and serve

Cover BRIE CHEESE with Chutney, serve warm with crackers.

Pour PEPPER JELLY over a brick of cream cheese. Serve with crackers.  

Serve CHERRY Jelly with 
BLUE CHEESE and crackers!