“3 Cheeses for 3 Jellies” 

Cherry Jelly
Place sliced apple on cracker (melba toast), spread apple with Bleu Cheese, add a drop of Cherry Jelly, topped with a walnut. Sweet and savory!!!
Cherry Pepper Jelly
Mix equal portions cream cheese (at room temp) and Cherry Pepper Jelly.
Serve in small bowl and add large dollop of jelly to the center. OR, pour jelly over a brick of cream cheese.
Use your favorite
cheese spreader and serve with crackers!!
Cherry Chutney
Slice the wax off the top of 1 round Brie. Scoop out large chunk of cheese from the center. Pour in ½ jar of Cherry Chutney. Top with dried fruit, I prefer cran raisins, slivered almonds or walnuts. Top with cheese. Bake 15 minutes at 350, OR microwave 1-2 minutes, just until soft, not melted. Spread on wheat thins or your favorite cracker.

Grilled BBQ Shrimp or Salmon
Coat raw shrimp or salmon with 
Cherry Pepper Jelly or Cherry Chutney.
Grill with care, as may burn if too hot of coals!
Serve with rice and green spinach salad.

Don't forget to use 

Cherry Pepper Jelly or Chutney as
 a glaze for pork loin, turkey,
chicken, ribs or fish.
Whether BBQing or Baking! 


Pour Pepper Jelly or Chutney over a brick of cream cheese and serve with crackers.


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