The Homestead
John Carsten Grupe, in 1849 embarked on a sailing vessel  which brought him on the long voyage around Cape Horn to California.   The young man had been attracted to the coast by gold prospects, later turned his attention to freighting to the mine fields from Stockton to Mokelume Hill. After a few years, he began a very successful agricultural career in the Linden area.  Our pioneering family established a diverse and very successful farm raising fruits, vegetables, grains, and cattle.
  4th, 5th and 6th generations are still living on the original "Homestead". Being 150 years and still actively farmed by the same family, the ranch has just received an honorary award from the California Chamber of Commerce. The Grupe homestead is one of the last surviving family ranches in the Linden area.  Hence, the name 
“Homestead Favorites” 
   The Homestead    established 1850         
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